Inspect the entire Outdoor Lighting System and perform each maintenance task as needed. Make a list of all materials needed and call Jeff Jenkins at 904 465-2895 . I will process your order and ship asap. Magical Illuminations maintains a complete inventory of LED lamps, halogen lamps, fixture parts, timers and photo sensors. Call or sign in and email us thru this Blog if you need help!
Time Clocks, Photo Cells, and GFCI Receptacles – Check / Reset time clocks, Inspect photo cells & GFCI.
Lamp Replacement – Replace lamps as needed or group re-lamping and apply anti-seize compounds and lubricants to fixture parts, lamp bases & sockets to help prevent seizing and corrosion.
Group Re-Lamping – Lamps can be replaced as individual lamps burn-out or a group re-lamping of all lamps may be best when the lamps have reached their expected lamp life or become old and weathered and loose optimum light performance.
Fixture Cleaning -Wipe the lens & fixture body to remove any accumulating debris. Lenses may require scraping or replacement to remove residue.
Fixture Aiming – Check the aiming of fixtures and make adjustments to retain the original designed lighting effect. Keep plant growth trimmed away from blocking light.
Repairs – Inspect lighting system and make repairs as needed. Items may include time clocks, photo cells, transformers, GFCI Receptacles, cables, connections, light fixtures, lamp sockets and lenses. Tree mounted fixtures may require adjustments for tree growth.
Design Adjustments – Recommend changes and improvements to lighting system.


  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for the maintenance tips, I will definately call you if I need any help.