Protect the Integrity of your Landscape Lighting System. The integrity of the landscape lighting system is best maintained with a frequent service schedule.

All Landscape Lighting Systems require service and maintenance in order operate properly. In order to retain the originally designed lighting effects, a regularly scheduled maintenance program needs to be followed.

Maintenance will also extend the life of your lighting system and protect your warranty, as well as, help to prevent any safety hazards.

Maintenance schedules will vary depending on factors such as: location and type of fixtures and lamps, surrounding landscape elements, water conditions, heavy fertilization, acidic soil, and harshness of environment.

Maintenance tasks that will need to be done during the life of the lighting system includes lamp replacement, fixture cleaning, maintaining the proper aiming of all fixtures, reset time clocks, inspect photo cells, and lighting system design adjustments and repairs.


For the do-it-yourselfer, we have included a link to our description of Maintenance Tasks which should be performed on a regularly scheduled basis. You can purchase any light bulbs or other materials you might need from us. If you need further instructions on maintaining your lighting system, please give us a call. Whether you choose to do it yourself or use our service and maintenance program, our goal is for your landscape lighting system to receive the proper service and maintenance needed.

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